Bobby Driscoll

My buddy came up with a new drink. It’s called a Bobby Driscoll. Decent for a non-drinker. Soda water, couple splashes of Grenadine. He says, tastes like a vanilla soda. I would somewhat concur.

I wiki’d Bobby Driscoll. Interesting story. Childhood actor from the forties/fifties. Did a bunch of Disney movies. In his twenties, went to prison for drugs, got out, joined Warhol’s gang at the Factory, then died penniless in an alley in NYC. Two kids found him, the police couldn’t identify him, buried him in an unmarked grave. His mother didn’t even know he was dead until a year later.

So now, he has a drink named after him. A Bobby Driscoll. Kind of like a Shirley Temple, but less sweet.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis. Bartender.

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