Brendon’s Haircut

Buddy of mine comes in, he’s playing tonight, I see him chatting at the end of the bar, he’s wearing a baseball hat, he takes it off, shows the door guy.  I approach.  Wow, Brad.  Pretty short.  Yeah, he says.  Walk into Supercuts today.  I don’t care, just cut my hair.  I sit down.  Couple minutes pass, hairdresser comes up, says, are you Brendon?  I say, no.  Bradley.  I don’t have an appointment.  No problem, she says.  C’mon back.  I sit down, they take a picture of you, after your haircut, they’ve got it in the computer, so she looks at the picture, refers to that, says, you want the usual?  I say, sure.  She gets the electric razor, turns me around, jjjjjjjjh.  Oh shit.  I don’t remember that happening in my haircut.  I say, did you just give me Brendon’s haircut?

She says, ahhh….oops.

From my heart to yours,

Clint Curtis.  Bartender.


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