I Love You, Robbie

Guy comes up to the bar, I know him, decent guy, used to work with him. We say our hello’s, how are you’s, he orders a double Grey Goose Soda with a lime. We make the transaction, he says, LOVE YOU, CLINT! Well, that’s nice. I’ll take an I love you. Brightens up my day.

Later on, same guy is saying his good-byes at one of the booths, I can hear him. He says, while putting on his coat, I LOVE YOU, ROBBIE.

I love you, Robbie? What’s up with that? Oh I see. Yeah. I feel REAL special now that you said I love you to me. YOU WERE JUST SAYING IT, WEREN’T YOU??? Looks like you’ll just whore those words out to everyone. I love you, Robbie!!

And to think I almost said, I love you, back.

-Clint Curtis

Blowing Kisses


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