I’m behind the bar, it’s Saturday night, crazy busy.  My fellow bartender and I are doing a dance.  You have to, I go inside the lane, you go out.  We work pretty good together.

At this moment, I’m in the zone.  Bartenders know what I’m talking about.  It’s just this perfect flow, body and mind, as one, customer, drink, money, change, customer, drink, change, customer, drink, change.  The ZONE.  It can be a beautiful thing.  Actually, it is a beautiful thing.  You stop thinking, you just are, there, in the moment.  You don’t stop, your movements fluid.  You know where everything is.  The customer’s know exactly what they want, there’s NO STOPPING.

Customer, customer, customer, right down the line.  I love it when they’re all lined up, and I just BANG IT OUT.  Take five drink orders at the same time.  Rum and Coke, two Grape bombs, an Ultra, two Bud Lights, PBR, PBR, High Life, PBR, and one more PBR.

I go up to a customer, I barely stop, I say, yes?  He takes a second, and says, I’d like a Red Bull Vodka, and a Vodka Red Bull.

I stop, hesitate, the flow cracks,

And the guy makes my night.

-Clint Curtis

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