Down The Line

I’m behind the bar, it’s super busy, got 34 people, crowded at the bar, waiting for drinks. I like to go right down the line, take three drink orders at the same time. In this instance, I start with the first, she says, a PBR. Next guy, PBR, next guy, two PBR’s, I’m on a roll, what the hell, keep on going. Next guy, three PBR’s!!! Next guy says, I’ve got a big drink order, I say, hold on, please. I say to my rapt audience, watch this people. I open up the cooler, reach in, grab a six pack of PBR, and another one, then just go down the line, PBR, PBR, PBR. I feel so good about myself. I’m a damn good bartender, if I do say so myself. Then I say, three dollars, three dollars, six dollars, etcetera. The last one is the girl, she says, oh. Actually I wanted a Coors.

Huh. Maybe not such a good bartender. Must’ve misheard.

Got a little too excited there.

-Clint Curtis


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