Starting Up A Blog

I’m really excited about this. I was chilling with my Dad the other day, he says, you know what? I think you’ve inspired me with your blog. I think I’d like to start one. Oh, that’s amazing Dad! That’ll be awesome!!! Let me help you get one set up.

Oh this is going to be great. And I have to admit, after working the last 1 1/2 years on a blog, I’ve learned all the bells and whistles. I’m, I’d say, about 80% proficient. I can surely get my pops started on a blog.

We both sit down. I’m excited to impart this knowledge onto him. We start setting it up. Email address. Password. Name of blog. We brainstorm. He says, Day By Day. I say, no Dad. That’s way too cliche, and I’m sure it’s been taken. After a number of ideas, he settles on Leftend57. I guess it was his football position and number in high school, and it has a nice ring to it.

I’m going through the steps. I’m feeling pretty good about it. See here, Dad. Click on this button, you get to the dashboard, scroll down, click on posts, you can look at all your posts. In the next couple of days, I want you to look at the 2 minute tutorial, and…

I look over at him. Guy’s just straight up passed out in his chair.

-Clint Curtis

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