“What Any Hot Blooded American Would Do”

Every so often, I go on a website that has local mugshots. I don’t know, after bartending in this town for 10 years, I know a lot of people, so I’ll often see people I know on there. Always hilarious.

Oh c’mon. You love it, too.

About a month ago, I see someone I know. Apparently, he had road rage, and went after some guy. That’s how the newspaper story went. I’m not the first person to talk about it. It was all over my newsfeed on Facebook.

Last week, he comes into the bar. I actually have no problem with the guy, always been nice and respectful. I say to him, heard you had a brush with the law.

I love to just put it out there. It’s fun.

He says, yeah… Don’t believe everything you read. I tell him, I don’t.

As Lou Reed once said, believe half of what you read, none of what you hear. Wise words.

Later on, end of the show, he’s at the bar drinking, chatting with a couple of his buddies. I overhear him say, yeah, I gotta get home after this. I gotta drive home, AND I DON’T HAVE A LICENSE.

I’m just going to assume he was joking, and not believe what I just heard.

-Clint Curtis


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