Playing Your Music For Other People

I’m setting up the bar, bar manager comes in, he’s going to be my second on for the night. We’re talking, he’s telling me his band, he’s a musician, is releasing a new record soon. I say, great. Love to hear it. You have it on your phone? He says, hesitantly, yeah. Well, I say, put it on! He says, ok.

He hooks up his phone to the stereo, hits play.

Sounds good. I’m enjoying it, while setting up. We’re talking in the midst of it, then I realize something. He seems a bit, uncomfortable. Ah…he’s playing his music, and I’m not giving it my full attention.

You know what? I understand this feeling 100%, when playing your music for other people. It can be a NERVE-RACKING EXPERIENCE. You’ve poured everything you got into the music, when they’re listening to it, you want them to freak out, say, oh my God, it’s so great! You’re going to be a huge rock star.

You know I’m right.

But no, they’re talking WHEN THE BEST PART OF THE SONG IS PLAYING. The song ends, they don’t say a thing. Then, they LEAVE THE ROOM while the next song is playing. How DARE THEY??? Then, if it couldn’t get any worse, they say, oh, I gotta go, without any acknowledgement that the record IS STILL GOING, AND IT’S NOT DONE YET.

I just want to say, you know, shut the fuck up you’re not going anywhere sit down listen to my music don’t say anything and tell me how much you love it.


-Clint Curtis

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