Thanks For The Poster

Guy’s at the bar…drunk. I’ve served him a couple drinks, must’ve pre-gamed, or hit up other bars.

It’s tap take-over. We get a brewery to come in, we put all their beers on tap, usually 6-7. It’s a lot of fun, people seem to enjoy it, the bar makes good money.

I do alright, too.

There’s a big poster on the wall, advertising the event. Drunk guy waves me over, says, I want that poster. I look at it, say, you know, that’s not really me to decide what happens to that poster. See the guy over there. He’s the guy promoting the event. You should talk to him.

I go help other customers, do my thing.

Later on, I’m wiping off the tables, there’s a poster on one of the tables, advertising the event. It’s actually a pretty cool poster. I get an idea, I’ll give it to drunk guy.

He’s at the bar, I go up to him, say, here you go. You can have this one. He perks up. Oh, thank you, man, he says. That’s so nice of you! Sure, bud, I say. No worries, I just found it on the table.

After that, every time I walk by him, he says, hey, I just want to say thanks again. No problem, I say. Two minutes later, thanks for the poster. I really appreciate it. Sure, I say. After the 6th thank you, I’ve had enough. OK, DUDE. NO PROBLEM, YOU DON’T HAVE TO THANK ME AGAIN.

End of night, everybody’s gone.

The poster sits sadly on the bar.

-Clint Curtis


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