That Came Out Slow

I’m behind the bar, making martinis. Guy asks for a Mint Cookie martini, and a Bloody Martini. I make them, shake them up, poor.

The Bloody Martini can be kind of annoying. It takes twice as long to pour, as a normal one. It’s so thick. The guy says, when I’m pouring the Bloody,

Wow, that comes out slow.

I return the volley with a, that’s what she said. He laughs, I say, I’m not sure if that totally worked, but I like to just throw that out there, then figure out later if it worked. He says, oh yeah. I do that, too. Then I say, ok. Let’s figure it out. What comes out slow? The dick? Why would it come out slow? Maybe it’s just really big. Too big. So you have to go slow, so you don’t hurt her.

He says, that works.

-Clint Curtis



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