I’m behind the bar with my fellow bartender, rocking martinis. Can I get 17 Something Fruity’s? Oh sure, give me 13 minutes, I’ll have that for ya.

I’m fixing a couple, my fellow bartender is helping a customer. The guy he’s helping says, I want a dirty martini, with TOO MANY olives. Bartender says, all right. Guy says, I mean, I want the martini glass brimming with olives. TOO many olives. Fellow bartender says, ok.

I stop what I’m doing right there. I hustle to the back room, grab two large, unopened containers of green olives. I run out, stand on the top step, raise both hands up into the air, with one container in each hand, and say, with a booming voice, as if I was Charlton Heston on top of the mound with the stones of the Ten Commandments,


The bar ends all conversations, turns to look at me, and I

Slam the olives down on the bar.

My fellow bartender says, that was some Daniel Day Lewis from There Will Be Blood shit.

I say, hey. He asked for too many olives!

And then I resume making my 560th martini.

-Clint Curtis


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