To My Brazilian Fans

It’s 8:00PM, martini night, I stroll into the bar, grab some empty martini glasses from the tables, set them down on the bar, go behind the bar, take off my coat, hit the back room, hang it up, exit, make my way behind the bar, to start work. My fellow bartender is leaving in a few, he’s going to some show. Another bartender’s coming in at 9PM, cover his shift. We’re talking, I say, so what’s this show about? He says, it’s kinda like an open mic night. I say, that’ll be cool. Are you gonna go up on stage, and masturbate for the audience? He says, yeah.

Just like you did in your VLOG.

You know, as the great Jesus Christ once said, you can never be famous in your own hometown.

-Clint Curtis


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