Throwing Pictures Away

A buddy of mine works at Wells Fargo. Actually, I know a lot of people that work there. The home office is in Des Moines, Iowa where I live. I believe that’s a really good thing. Keeps people here, gives people a job. Though, it’s very rare I meet a Wells Fargo employee that loves their job.

I ask my pal, well…you got any stories from work? He says, no. My job is boring. I say, you gotta have something. He says, well, there is this strange guy I work with. He’s a bit…off. He’s gotten into a bunch of trouble at work lately. I say, what’s he done? My friend says, well…month ago he was caught throwing people’s pictures away. What? I say. What do you mean? He says, he’d go into people’s cubicle, if he didn’t like a picture they had in there, he’d throw it away. Oh my God, I say. That is awesome! Yeah, and last week, he stole someone’s copies. Guy’s at his desk, with all his copies, but he’s missing a couple pages. He can’t understand why. The guy comes up to his desk, places it down in front of him, then walks away. Oh yeah, when he went up to him, he grazed him with his belly. Gross, I say. Did he do that on purpose? He says, probably. Guy’s weird as hell.

Then he comes up to me, asks me, are you Michael Gregory? I say, yeah. He says, are you involved with a woman named Benita Winslow? I think for a second, then say, no. No, no I’m not.

He says, ok, and walks away.

-Clint Curtis

Cheesy Family Photo


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