Buddy of mine comes into the bar. Dude’s a hip, kinda nerdy, black guy from St. Louis. He sidles up to the bar, I yell his name, HANK!  His name is actually Hank. Well…it’s his nickname. I don’t know if I can tell you his real name. Guy might want to hurt me.

We’re talking, he says, last night, I see this girl I always see all over the place. (Exact words). I say, yeah? He says, big titties up in my face. I go home with her, OH MY GOD!!! What? I say. He says, her place was FILTHY!!!  I laugh, and say, what’d you do?  He says, I got the fuck outta there, that’s what I did. I say, you didn’t hook up?  What about those big titties?  He says, not worth it. I mean,

You couldn’t even find a place on the couch to sit!!!

-Clint Curtis


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