Can I Vape In Here?

Nice guy at the bar, looks of Latino descent, says to me, can I vape in here? I say, sure, no problem.

I’m on the fence with the whole vape thing. Not that you’re asking my opinion about it, but here it is.

I think it can be dangerous in a number of ways. A lot of times, people start vaping to “cut down on the cigarettes.” Here’s the problem: They’re still smoking cigarettes AND vaping. How many addictions can you count now? Yeah, for those bad at math, that’s two.

And, c’mon, I’ve heard people talk about how it’s better for you than cigarettes. It’s like how people think Diet Pop is better for you than the regular shit. IT’S ALL NAST. Who the hell knows what’s exactly in those chemicals in your electronic cigarette? I know there’s nicotine, for one. I’ve read where they also put in formaldehyde. Yes, formaldehyde. That’s the shit they inject you with WHEN YOU’RE DEAD. Sure. Let’s smoke that.

Thank God when I quit cigarettes over seven years ago, I didn’t have the vape option. E-cigarettes were just starting to come out. I remember seeing ads for it on Myspace. Yes, that long ago.

You know, I’ve realized, after getting control of my life, control of my brain, by eliminating addictions from my life, that addiction is addiction is addiction. The alcoholic says, oh, at least I’m not a heroin addict. Oh yes, but you are. It takes over YOUR BRAIN. That’s all you can think about. And this vaping thing. Do you really need it in your life? Not only is it bad, but there goes a bunch of money you’re throwing out the window.

The whole vaping thing. It’s just another addiction that will control your life.

-Clint Curtis


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