This Is It

I’m doing dishes, for some reason, an idea pops up in my head. I want to listen to the album This Is It by The Strokes. My fellow bartender is the one playing the music, I turn to him, and say, do you think we could listen to Is This It by The Strokes? He takes a second, then says, all right. I say, I’m feeling in the mood to go back to 2002.

I worked in Clive, Iowa at a consulting firm called BPG. Great people, shitty job. It was a paycheck. Around 3pm every day, I would hop in my car, drive to this coffee shop called Friedrichs, to get a shot of espresso. A pick me up. I would also get coffees for my fellow employees.

There was also another reason. A cute girl behind the counter.

I’d go in, flirt the hell with her. I never got to the point to have the balls to ask her out, for some reason. I didn’t think it would be appropriate to ask her out while she was working. She was really beautiful. Redhead, fare-skin, rocking body, and she had something upstairs.

One night, I’m at this club called Hairy Mary’s, I run into her. Awesome! We talk for a half-hour, I buy her a drink. Then I say, boldly,

Let’s do something crazy. Come back to my place with me. Right now let’s go.

She looks at me, then says, all right.

We climb into my silver Volvo, a true player’s car, and as I’m driving, I put in This Is It by The Strokes.

It happens. You play a song at the perfect moment in time, you will never forget listening to that song, that album, in your life. And for me, that was this moment. It ended up being an incredible night, the condom working great.

Spring 2002. A week after I had met my future wife.

Afterwards, we talked, I say, actually, I’ve met someone, and I think I want to pursue it. She says, I just met someone, too!

The perfect end to the night.

We’re friends on Social Media. The guy she was talking about, they got married, and they’re on their fourth child. The girl I was talking about is my wife, we have two amazing kids, and I’m so happy.

Well, as happy as a jaded old fuck can be.

I go back to doing dishes, the guy in front of me says, did you put on this record? I say, hell yeah. He says, oh dude, it’s perfect. I love this record.

I sing along to Julian’s words, I dance behind the bar, and think about that night with the coffee shop girl.

-Clint Curtis


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