A Universe Is Born

I’m at the bar, I’m talking to a buddy about religion, and the possible existence of God. I was taking a walk a couple days ago, my mind starts to wander, and I start thinking about that guy who potentially created it all.

I believe strongly that the universe is indeed 13 billion years old. That’s probably not the exact number, but it’s somewhere around there.

I believe in the Big Bang.

I believe in science, and what they have to say.

I have a hard time believing that there’s any historical truth to the Bible, though I agree with a lot of the teachings within it. I think you should be kind to your neighbors. I believe you shouldn’t kill anyone. I believe there was a guy named Jesus that walked the Earth. The kinds of things this man said was beyond profound. But was he the son of God? Did he have these magical powers? I don’t think so.

Here’s a story I’ve come up with, you may find interesting.

In another universe, in another time, maybe 13 billion years ago, there was this kid named Stanley. He’s 8-9 years old. He’s in the classroom, with all his pals, he’s a popular kid. The teacher gets up, in front of the class, and says, today, we are going to create a universe! The kids cheer, that sounds like fun.

She didn’t actually say those words, she thought those words. People don’t talk in this place. They don’t need to. They communicate through their minds.

They’re light years ahead of us intellectually. They can do anything.

Stanley starts working on this project for the day. He opens up his mind, lets it flow through him. He smiles at moments, he gets excited, he gets serious when there’s a complication. After 1.5 seconds, he is done.

He gets in front of the audience, closes his eyes, and shows his teacher, his fellow students, his plans for his universe. I call these planets, he says. Little Johnny asks, what is that planet called? He says, Earth. That’s where most of the things will happen. LIFE will happen.

When he’s done, the kids clap. They actually clap. Stanley smiles. He’s proud of his project.

Little Suzy says, do it, Stanley. Do it, now! We want to see it. The teacher, Ms. Hollingsworth says to Stanley, it looks like an interesting universe. You may proceed.

He snaps his fingers, there’s a great explosion, and the universe is born.

-Clint Curtis


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