I’m behind the bar, it’s early. A buddy of mine comes up to the bar, he’s a rapper, he’s got small flyers in hands, he’s laying them down on the bar. This always kind of annoys me. During the night, they get all wet, stick to the bar, I have to shovel them off. But, on the flip side, I appreciate his hustle, advertising his event.

About an hour later, he’s at the bar, enjoying a PBR. Another rapper comes up to the bar, stands by him. I see him pick up one of the flyers, scans it, then says, what’s this shit?  He proceeds to read the flyer. He says, Pretty Girl Hate Machine…gay. Touch Nice. Turtleneck…gay.

My buddy turns to him, says, calmly,

I’m in Pretty Girl Hate Machine.

-Clint Curtis


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