The Most Tears

I’m going to write off the cuff today. I’m in Fisher, Iowa, with my big family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, grandma. I think about it, I’m so lucky. I hope you’re spending some time with family today. Or friends. That’s what Christmas is all about, isn’t it? Being with your loved ones. Forget about the presents. Sit down at the big table, eat, laugh, tell stories you’ve told a hundred times.

We just opened gifts. A funny thing we do with Grandma, we try to make her cry with our gifts. Usually the gifts are money. But the most important thing is the card, and what we say to her.

I have a bit of advantage with this. I’ve been writing seriously for two years now, practically every day. Last night, I sit down, compose my message to her.

I start with, I think about you every day. I underline words for emphasis. I take no prisoners. I’m going to win this competition. Who can get the most tears.

She gets to the line, you are an inspiration to all those who meet you. Her voice cracks, tears start flowing.


My cousins high-five me, we laugh, they congratulate me,

For getting the most tears from Grandma.

-Clint Curtis

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