Listening To People’s Opinions

I have an opinion about things, and I write stories about them. In every story I write, there is an opinion in there somewhere, guaranteed. There are some people in this world that have opinions. Some have strong opinions about things that really don’t matter. I believe I fall into this group.

For a lot of my stories, if I just back up from them, do I really care? To be honest, not really. At the bar, I deal with BS on a daily basis. Do I get bothered by it? Not really. I don’t. At the end of the day, I just say to myself, there’s another one down. I’m getting off the subject of people having opinions.

Let’s make a turn here in the conversation, and talk about listening to people’s opinions. I say, nah. Listen to yourself. Should you really be listening to my opinions? Oh for heaven’s sakes NO. My opinions are laughable. And when I say that, my opinions are based on whether I think I can get a laugh from somebody. Or a rise out of somebody. Do I give a shit about some guys getting into a fight in the green room? Nah. Do I care that some dipshit band didn’t bring CD’s to their CD release party? Nah. Don’t really care. But does it make a story? Yes. And what are stories, but opinions about things in disguise?

If you’re not going to listen to me, who SHOULD YOU listen to. Let’s say, you should have one leg back really, really far. Listen, but know it’s all bullshit. People give their opinions to be heard. And it’s always just manipulation. There’s a reason for their opinions. You should ask yourself, what is this person’s hidden agenda? Talk show hosts. Do you think they really care if some guy fabricated a paragraph in their non-fiction book? Nah. But they must be OUTRAGED, don’t they? Yeah, they have to act outraged. Because they have an opinion that it’s WRONG. And the viewers should be outraged too. Because the talk show host gives her opinion so strongly. So it must be true, shouldn’t it?

You should just listen to these people with opinions for amusement. That’s what I hope you do for me. Yeah, Clint’s saying this, but he’s really just trying to get a rise from me. He doesn’t really CARE. He’s just saying these things to be funny, and make me laugh. And that’s the truth.

But people listen to these people with opinions, and it affects their life. Usually in a negative way. How disgusting that is really. I have one friend in particular, who is an awesome musician, but a couple years ago he got a bad review in a local rag by this little twirp, and he stopped writing music, and pretty much stopped playing with his band. That’s obscene. I mean, what the hell does this reviewer know? He’s probably just trying to get a rise. What’s more interesting? A glowing review or a negative review? A negative review, of course. And I know this to be a fact, because I receive this same feedback when I write a positive story over something that is negative. People for the most part want to hear drama. And writing a review about how some guy’s band is awesome is borrrrrring. As well as me telling some lame ass story about a night at the bar that was fun and everybody was cool.

Don’t listen to anyone’s opinion, people. Especially mine. Read a story, laugh if you feel like it, then

go eat a hamburger.

But, you know, you might shouldn’t eat hamburger that comes from….

-Clint Curtis


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