Heat Seeker

I recently did an interview for a podcast. You can hear it on my blog if you scroll down. Week after it came out, I see the guy who interviewed me, come into the bar. He says, there’s heat seeker! I say, what? He says, you should see the stats for the interview. Best ones yet. You’re a heat seeker.

I didn’t know that was a term. Another internet thing.

But I like it.

Later on, I’m chatting with my fellow bartender, I tell him, you know what? I want you to start calling me heat seeker. He says, why’s that? I tell him what’s going on with the interview, and explain to him what heat seeking is all about. Sometimes you have to school these suckers.

I say, I’ve always wanted a nickname, and I think heat seeker’s the one. So could you start calling me that?

He says, I could start calling you meat seeker, how’s that?

You know, friends are like assholes. Everybody’s got one, and sometimes it has dingleberrys on it.

-Clint Curtis


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