When You Get A Second

I’m bartending, it’s busy. Guy asks for a number of drinks, and as I’m making them, a guy in front of me says, when you get a second, I’ll take another beer.

Damn it I hate when people say that! It’s so…passive aggressive. It’s so manipulative. I’m going to get the bartender’s attention, when he’s with another customer, but if I say, when you get a second, it will come across as courteous.

And the PRESSURE it puts on me. That’s all you can think about, after someone says it. Gotta hurry up, so I can get this guy’s drink. Because he’s being OH SO NICE about it.

And I say, yeah, helping some other customers right now. I say to myself, I’m gonna make him wait just for saying that, but I JUST CAN’T DO IT. And you know this guy’s been in the service industry. It’s this trick you give to your bartender. Oh, this’ll get his attention. I know it, because other people in the service industry have given it to me, and I FEEL THE PRESSURE.

You know what? Next time I hear that come out of a customers mouth I’m going to make them wait at the very least 10 minutes. If not 20. I’ll help all the customers, wipe off the bar, clean some glasses, go clip my toenails, fart a couple times, then I’ll say,


Now I have a second.

-Clint Curtis

s_416244cde337fe72ab190a8f3fbea5025011 Toenail Clipper

2 thoughts on “When You Get A Second

  1. Greg

    I do this all the time. I used to be a bartender for several years during my college years and I never had anyone do this to me because I always acknowledged everyone that came up to the bar. They were my customers after all and my job was to serve them. I can’t stand it when I walk up to a bar and the bartender is looking down the whole time, making a drink or just walking. Most bartenders these days, I feel, look down so they don’t have to acknowledge their customers and thus actually have to do two things at once. But I’m sure this isn’t you! 🙂


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