Why We Do This

It’s slow at the bar, everyone’s in front of the stage, enjoying the show. I have time to watch the performer, enjoy his music. I start daydreaming while listening, and I’m thinking, I wonder why this guy does it? I mean, the real reason. Maybe he’s not even aware of the exact reason why he gets up on stage, and does what he does.

The great actor Laurence Olivier was asked in an interview, why do you act? He took a serious tone, and whispered, look at me. Look at me.

As babies, we need attention. We need our mother’s love. Then as we grow older we still crave that attention. All eyes on us. This is one of the big reasons I think people get up on stage. Attention. Look at me.

People want to say something, and it matter to someone. It feels so good to be at the microphone, doesn’t it? When I speak in it, EVERYONE CAN HEAR ME. Sometimes, they even shut up! I am saying words, saying sentences, and they’re listening to what I have to say. I am important. They are LISTENING TO ME.

Look at me. Listen to me.

People want to feel special. They’re not like everybody else. They’re unique. And everybody needs to hear my music, and see me on stage, and realize how special I am.

Look at me. Listen to me. I am special.

People love to be the center of attention. Look at how most stages are set up. The lighting is low on the audience, the stage is lit up. What are you looking at? The performers on stage. They are the focal point. We as audience members are looking at them. What they are doing is more important than what the audience is doing. What they’re saying is more important than your friend standing next you, because look! They have a mic.

People get up on stage because it makes them feel good. But why does it make them feel good? Because it feels good to get attention. It feels good when people are looking at them. It feels good when they are listening to them.

And then the show is over, they have to go back to their lives, where no one listens to them, no one seemingly cares about them, and no one thinks they’re special.

Until the next gig.

-Clint Curtis


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