Fades Not Faded At The Vaudeville Mews

It’s Sunday night, six bands playing, we’re on number three. It’s pretty slow, straight-edge show, kids coming up to the bar, asking for water, wearing DRUG FREE sweatshirts.

I look on stage, all the guys look similar. They have the same haircuts, and beards. I think the haircut is called “the Fade.” Short on sides all around, then, parted to the side, longer. Then you have the beard. I actually really like the look. It’s got this fifties style, but then you throw in the beard, for a modern look. Not that beards are new, but the look is soooo hot right now.

Whatever I say against this haircut, it comes from a place of jealousy.

Let it be known.

I’m not so sure about advertising your sobriety on your sweatshirt. I can appreciate you’re proud of it. And it’s always in capital letters. It’s not straight-edge, or drug free, but STRAIGHT-EDGE and DRUG FREE.

The singer on stage is saying something about the music being all for God. He’s apologizing for getting real. If you want to talk about it, come meet us at the merch table, after the show.

I always love it when people talk about Jesus or God on stage. It’s so jarring usually in its sincerity. It feels like they’re whipping the rug out from under you. You think you know where you’re standing, then woosh wham-o! You’re on your ass going where the hell did that come from?

Kid comes up wearing his DRUG FREE t-shirt, orders a Coke. I notice he’s got the fade, but not the beard.

In due time, my son.

In due time.

-Clint Curtis


1 thought on “Fades Not Faded At The Vaudeville Mews

  1. Chris

    Or not. He could be cursed like me to never grow half decent facial hair. By the time I could grow stubble enough to not look entirely like Pedro from N. Dynamite it started going gray.


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