A WAH-ta Melon Martini

Guy comes up to the bar, tall, good-looking, says in a British accent, can I have a WAH-ta and a martini? I say, you’re gonna have to be a little bit more specific about the martini. Here’s our martini list.

I hand him a martini menu, go get his WAH-ta.

I pour him his WAH-ta, bring it to him. I say, have you decided? He says, the WAH-ta melon martini, please. Cool, I say.

I go make his martini, serve it to him, we make the transaction, he exits, I go help another customer.

Five minutes, I’m back in the spot where I served the British guy, I notice he didn’t take his WAH-ta. What a dumbass. This happens all the time. People get waters, then just leave them. What a waste of time, and a cup.

Moments later, guy comes up, orders a beer on tap, and a water. I get him his beer, set it down, then say, here’s a water. I just poured it for a guy, he didn’t take it. You mind? He says, no, I don’t. He takes his beer and water, and exits.

I turn to a guy I know at the bar, say, yeah. British guy asks for a WAH-ta, doesn’t take it. My friend says, he didn’t ask for a water. He asked for a watermelon martini. Oh, I say, laughing.

Guess I’m the dumbass.

-Clint Curtis


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