You Can Pull It Off

Cute girl is sitting at the bar, sipping on a Long Island. Girl comes up to her, with pink hair. Cute girl says, love your hair!  I could never pull off pink hair.

Can anyone pull off pink hair?  I don’t think they can.

Minutes later, friend of mine comes into the bar. Her name is Kristy. She has green hair. I say to her, is that the thing now?  Pink hair, green hair? She says, yeah. It’s all over Tumblr right now.

I see another girl with died orange/red hair. Place is crawling with girls with died hair. Cool, cool. Girls gotta express themselves.

Cute girl comes back up to the bar, orders another Long Island. Careful, girl. My Long Islands are semi-famous in the state of Iowa. 90% booze, 10% mix. You wake up the next day on the cold bathroom floor. A good night sleep in the bathroom with your head in the toilet.

The music is good tonight. Kids getting rowdy. Cracking lots of canned beer. Sweaty boys lunging at the bar, needing water.

Cute girl comes back up to the bar. Her face is a mask of fake blood. Hair wet, all over the place, the front of her shirt, soaked red.

I get her a towel. You can wipe your face with this hun. I wonder where she got the fake blood? The kids today. Going all in.

Couple minutes later, a friend of mine comes up, says, that girl. That wasn’t fake blood. IT WAS REAL. I saw her holding the towel over a cut on her forehead.

Jesus Christ, girl.

End of show, lights are on, cute girl comes up to the bar, a beautiful mess. I say, that’s real blood?  What happened? She says, I don’t know. I hit my head on something. It’s just a small cut.

This girl’s punk rock as hell. I like it.

Maybe that’ll be the next thing on Tumblr. Died hair, blood all over the face.

‘Cause this girl pulled it off.

-Clint Curtis

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