A Whisky Coke With Jack

Guy comes up to the bar, says, can I get a whiskey and Coke?  …With Jack?

You know, I hear this all the time. Can I get a vodka cranberry with Grey Goose? Can I get a gin and tonic with Bombay?

Let’s add up all the times you’re going to say that extra stuff. I bet it would be 30 minutes in the span of your life. I’m going to save you time in your life, that you can use towards something more productive. Like taking all that crap in your garage to the dump, if you follow this simple rule.

Say, can I get a Tanqueray Tonic? Can I get a Captain and Coke? NOT can I get a whiskey Coke with Jack?

It’s obviously redundant, unless your bartender doesn’t know what booze Jack is.

I know, this is nitpicking, but don’t treat your bartender like an idiot.

And they won’t treat you like one.

Unless you deserve it.

-Clint Curtis


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