An Almost Extraordinary Day

On Wednesday night, as I’m driving home from a great night of bartending, I get this feeling that tomorrow will be an extraordinary day. I don’t know why, I just feel it. Now sometimes, we don’t know that it’s going to be an extraordinary day. Maybe the wheels get started in motion towards something. Like your dream job, the guy grabs your resume, thinks you’d be perfect for the job. So, I’m thinking, it might be that kind of day. That I don’t necessarily see it. Or maybe something extraordinary will happen, and I will be aware of it. Whatever happens, bring it on.

I wake up the next day early, ready to take on the day. I get my cup of coffee, read a couple chapters in the book I’m reading, then go meet up with a buddy of mine to play racquetball. The Y just opened a new facility downtown, and it’s really nice. You should see the courts. They’re so pristine. There’s not a mark on the wall. The back wall is all glass almost up to the top. There’s around 9 courts. And the rest of the facility is pimping. Big track around two basketball courts, and all the workout equipment, treadmills, ellipticals, all brand spanking new. We meet up at 1:30, play until 2:30. I want to get home by 3, so I have a solid hour to write. We get done on time, fun games, I get home, write for an hour, crank out some good stuff.

I pick up the boys at school, get them home safe and sound, the wife comes home, we have a delish meal, I clean the dishes, play with the boys until I have to go to work. A great day so far, but I wouldn’t call it extraordinary.

On my way to work, I’m thinking about the word extraordinary. You can break it down into two parts, of course. Extra and ordinary. Does that work? I wonder. Wouldn’t that mean that it’s more than just ordinary. It’s more ordinary? I don’t know, I’ll let it slide. I’m not going to think about it too much, gotta get my head in the ball game, for another shift at the bar.

I get to the bar, there’s about 25 people in the house. Solid. I start bartending at around 9:15. It’s pint night, so pouring a lot of pints. At times I look at my watch, think, well, got two more hours until midnight, then the day will be over, maybe nothing extraordinary.

Then a guy comes up, grabs a martini menu, says, I don’t know what I want. I want something extra-ordinary.

Don’t we all.

When I reflect on yesterday, it was a great day, I’m just lucky to be alive, with a wonderful family, friends, and a great job I like. Did something extraordinary happen? Not to my knowledge. But you know what I did? I set the bar up high, and demanded something incredible to happen. I expected it. I had a positive outlook on the day. And I think, the day turned out better than it would have, if I hadn’t been in that frame of mind. Maybe, at the end of each night, I should say to myself, tomorrow is going to be an extraordinary day, it will be, or at least, a great day.

One day while I was walking on my usual route, a line struck me, and it was, keep reaching for the stars, and you may get the clouds. Now, I know, that line sounds somewhat cheesy and cliche, but let me explain it. If you reach for the highest point, you probably won’t achieve it, but by reaching for it, you may get half of it, whereas, if you didn’t, maybe nothing would have happened. You set your goals so high, you strive for those goals. You set yourself up for something EXTRA-ORDINARY. You say to yourself, I want to be the President of the United States. You reach for that goal, getting into politics, running for office, then at the end of the day, there’s a good chance you don’t become President, but look at you. You’re in the Senate. You’re a Congressman.

So at the end of the night, say to yourself, tomorrow is going to be an extraordinary day. And then wake up, live it, nothing extraordinary might not happen, but there’s a good chance it will be one notch below, and be great.

Keep reaching for the stars, and you may get the clouds.

-Clint Curtis


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