Say Your Name

Guy comes up, orders a couple drinks. I get them for him. He hands me his card, says, my name is Clay. I say, thanks.

I loved the way this transaction was made, in so many ways, by him saying simply his name. See, I have to write down a persons name down when I start a tab. I have to look at their name on their card, and it’s difficult sometimes. My eyes aren’t as good as they used to be, and I should be wearing glasses for the close up stuff. He says his name, hey, I don’t have to scrutinize his card, try to figure out what it says. On top of this, when he said, my name is Clay, I knew right off the bat that he wanted to start a tab. There was no need to go back and forth. Do you want to start a tab? Ummmmm…. I don’t know. This might be my only drink. Ok, you want me to close it? No. Keep it open.

This interaction can get trying at times.

And last but not least, by him “introducing himself”, I remembered his name. And don’t you want the bartender to know your name? Sure, you do.

Later on, he comes up, says, I’d like to settle my tab. I say, your name is Clay, right? He says, yeah. Great. I’ll get it for you. I go get his card, run it, say, you know, weird thing, I really appreciated you telling me your name. Helped me out a bunch. He says, oh. Well, it’s a temporary card, it just says WELLS FARGO CUSTOMER on it, thought you might need my name to go along with it.

OK, this guy bursts my bubble with it, but still it helped me out a great deal.

-Clint Curtis

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