Have you ever heard the saying, when opportunity knocks? Sure you have. It’s as old as your great-great grandmother Ethel. But does it work? Is that what you should do, wait around, until opportunity knocks at your door? I don’t think so, my friends.

Imagine a house on top of a hill. Lush green grass surrounds it. The opportunity that awaits you is inside the house. But first, you have to figure out a way in the house. What do you do first? Let’s knock on the door. Like it’s going to be that easy. Nope. Nobody’s answering. You look through the window next to the door, you can’t see anyone inside. Let’s go to the back, maybe there’s a back door. You go back, knock on the door. Nope, nobody’s answering. Ok, do you walk away? Oh, can’t get into the house where opportunity awaits, guess it’s not going to happen? Nope, not this guy. I start trying the windows. I go around the house, checking each one. Nope. All locked. Let’s look around for a ladder, maybe we can get to a second story window. You find one, in the garage in back, you set it on the house, extend it, climb up, nope. Locked. Huh. Ok, doors all locked, windows all locked, what’s next?

Your opportunity, THE opportunity you’ve been working so hard for. The job you studied 10 years for. The record contract your band has bled for. The girl you dream about. The opportunity is inside the house. You HAVE TO get in there, it’s life or death stakes.

You get down from the ladder, return the ladder to the garage, come back to the house, and just stare at it, for a while. How else does one get in a house? Well, the easiest way is to have a key. Maybe there’s a key hidden around the exterior of the house. You start looking. Under the front door mat, of course, above the door, you keep on going, scouring every place you can imagine someone hiding a key. You look under every rock, every hide-y-whole. Nope, no key. Ok, let’s stop and think for a minute. There must be another way.

You could throw a brick through the window, climb through, but that’s probably not the best idea. Let’s not cause damage to the house. You could climb to the roof, make your way down the chimney, but you look, and there’s no chimney. You’re stumped. How ‘bout we take off, rest on it, think of another way.

You come back the next day, nope, same thing. OK, do you give up? I’m sure some do. They start to question, maybe the opportunity’s not really inside. Maybe I should just go home, sit in my living room, wait for someone to knock on the door, give me an opportunity.

And then the opportunity is lost.

You’ve got to think of another way.

The one who perseveres thinks of another way. They don’t stop, because they know there’s an infinite number of ways to get into the house of opportunity. Let’s learn to be a plumber, an electrician, a house keeper, a grounds keeper, a carpenter, start a business, write a letter to the house, offer your services, free of charge, for the first visit. You have to ask yourself, how determined am I to go after my “golden” opportunity? But wait, step back. IF I do get into the house, and I’m given the opportunity, WILL I BE READY? Have I worked tirelessly on my songs, are they ready, for the opportunity to take it to the next level? To get signed, to go on tour. Do I have the right experience, studied my ass off, to get the job I seek, so when I get it, I will excel?

Maybe you’re not ready to get in the house? Maybe that’s why the doors are shut to you. Maybe you need to step back, reevaluate yourself, work on yourself, so when the time comes, you will knock on the door forcefully. You will stand there with confidence. You will wait, and wait and wait. You will wait some more. You will knock again, you will knock again, you will be incessant, you will knock again and again, until you hear a noise in the house, and then footsteps, and then someone will say, behind the door, who is it? And you will say your name in a way that will demand the person to open the door, and find out more.

And then the door will open, and the rest will be up to you.

-Clint Curtis


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