Download Card With Skittles Release Party

I’m chatting with this guy at the bar. He’s got this great, full mustache. One of those that almost looks fake.

We’re talking about music, he says, I stopped listening to music. I say, I’m getting there. You know, sometimes, when I’m working at the bar, I hear a band I like, I’ll talk to them after their show, they’ll give me a CD, or I’ll buy one. Be honest, it’s rare I buy a cd. But when I get one, I give it a chance. I get in my car, end of night, put it in the old CD player, push play, listen to the first track, ok, not bad, not bad, move onto the next one, ok, going downhill a bit, the next one, no, dropping off, then, when I’m at an intersection, I’ll roll down my window, and toss it out. I make sure to get it off the street, onto the sidewalk part where pedestrians wait for the light. Then, next day, kid comes up, finds the CD, takes it home with him, puts it in his computer, listens to it, maybe loves it, shares it, see, happy ending.

Mustache guy says, who gets CD’s anymore anyway? You get the download card, you’re done.

This is what you should do, bands. Have a download card release party, but tape the download card onto something people would want. Like a bag of Skittles.

Who’s going to throw out a bag of Skittles out the window?

Nope. Not me.

-Clint Curtis


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