The Ubiquitous World

It’s an early show, small crowd, mostly young kids, a couple parents sprinkled about. I’m pouring my fourteenth water for the night (doors opened 12 minutes ago) I overhear someone use the word ubiquitous. Wow. Nice. I know I’ve heard that word, but not sure I know the exact definition. I’ve got time to shoot it, I ask the guys at the bar, did I overhear someone use the word ubiquitous? Guy with bleach blond hair laughs, says, yeah. I did. I say, nice vocabulary dude. I’m not sure what that word means. What was the sentence you used it in? He says, the Angry Orchard is ubiquitous. It means omnipresent, like you can find it in every bar.

He orders two cranberry vodkas, seems excited about it. I make them for him, give it to him. I hope he’s not buying one for a person underage. It’s ubiquitous that every night somebody buys a drink for an underage person.

Minutes later, I look over, he’s double fisting both drinks, he’s drinking them at the same time, both straws in his mouth.

It’s funny. It’s always ubiquitous that you’ll find a guy with bleach blond hair, drinking two vodka cranberry’s

Ubiquitously at every bar in the ubiquitous world.

-Clint Curtis

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