The Story Of Sketty Dave

Guy’s at the bar, drinking a Blue Moon. The headliner comes up, says to him, hey Dave. Heard you like to eat a lot of spaghetti.

There’s a story there somewhere. And it’s called

The story of Sketty Dave.

About three years ago, in the afternoon sometime, Dave makes some spaghetti. He boils the water, puts the whole box of spaghetti in there. He takes an entire can of sauce, and cooks it up. He gets himself a small bowl, eats it, puts the rest in tupperware, pops it in the fridge.

Later on, he goes out with his buddies. They drink. Dave gets tired, and hungry, isn’t in the mood for pizza.

They go back to Dave’s house. Dave grabs the spaghetti leftovers. There’s a great deal left. He puts all of it on a serving tray, not just a dinner plate. A serving tray. Microwaves it. It’s a mountain of spaghetti. His inebriated friends are all there, watch him eat this mountain of spaghetti.

After that, he’s been known as Sketty Dave.

-Clint Curtis


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