What Was That Last Song That Just Played?

I’m behind the bar, serving some dranks. A song starts playing I’m not familiar with. I just listen to my fellow bartender’s playlists. He undoubtedly has better music taste than I have. So why fight it?  Let him play the music.

I’m listening to the song, I think, this is really good. Female vocals, airy, soothing, drawn out. Crisp acoustic guitar strumming along with catchy electric guitar riffs, and repeating synth rising and falling high note. I listen to the song, but it’s in the back of my mind. Focused on making drinks.

Two minutes later, a regular comes up to the bar, says, what was that last song that played? Everybody at the table were trying to put their phones up to the speaker, find out through Shazam.

I say, hang on a second. I turn around, click the iPod on. The screen lights up, I push the back button. I say,

Band called Still Corners. Song is called The Trip.

There must be something to the song, if it stood out to me, and this group at the table.

End of night, I’m mopping up, you know what?  Let’s play that song again.

I find the song, push play, and resume my mopping.

-Clint Curtis

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