Those Anxious Moments

Do you ever feel anxiety?  Wow. I just sounded like one of those commercials for anxiety medication with a question like that. I feel anxiety at times, it can be overwhelming. When things aren’t working out as planned. When I’m feeling out of control emotionally. And what do I do when I’m in the throes of an anxious moment? I reach for something, to get me through.

It used to be a cigarette. Oh that was my blanket, to cover me up, to make the demon pass me by. But I stopped smoking seven years now, so can’t use that. How ’bout a shot of whisky? Oh that helps, don’t it?  But now, I don’t drink, so I can’t use that.

When we’re having an anxious moment, we have a tendency to reach for something destructive, to get us through. Why the hell do we do that?  It seems counterintuitive, don’t you think?  It seems it would make things worse, not better.

Now that I’ve gotten control of those addictions in my life, what can I reach for? Well…a banana, that’s what. A banana?  That’s ridiculous. Ok, I’m not saying reach for a banana necessarily, though it would work. But when you’re having an anxious moment, instead of reaching for something bad, do something good. I go take a walk. I write. I eat something healthy. I drink a glass of water. And you know what?  It has helped me get through those anxious moments that much quicker.

So put down the pack of smokes, walk away from the whiskey. Reach for something good.

And the moment will pass.

-Clint Curtis


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