Putting Food Back In Random Places

It’s Sunday, I’m at Target, buying a Nerf Hoop for my son. He actually already has one, but he lost the damn ball to it. I did some research on the Internet, you can’t just buy the ball. You have to buy the whole thing. It’s nine bucks. Who cares.

I ask someone wearing red, do you work here?  She says, yeah, how can I help you? I tell her what I’m looking for, she directs me to the toy aisles. We walk into the first one, bam. There it is. I say, thanks, I got it from here.

As I’m deciding which one to get, the orange one, or the neon one, something catches my eye. There’s Transformers, Woody, Buzz, and a loaf of white bread. I start to laugh at the randomness of it. Someone right here decided against the white bread, and couldn’t for another second look at it in their cart. Or…

It’s around 11pm, just got off my shift. I think I’ll go to the grocery store, get some grocery items, have a photo shoot. I go in, grab one of the smaller carts, walk directly to the bread aisle, get a loaf of white bread. I start in the fruit and veggies department, placing the loaf of bread in strange, random places, then taking a picture of it. I get to the soap/detergent aisle, take a good one leaning up against a bleach bottle.

I get to the ice cream cooler, look around, make sure none of the stockers are watching me, open up the refrigerator, put in the loaf of bread, close the door, take a picture,

Then walk away.

-Clint Curtis

Groceries Random

1 thought on “Putting Food Back In Random Places

  1. miguelito

    you know, it’s the week after valentine’s day, I’ll be nice and wait a couple more weeks before I keep “misshelving” condoms in the diaper aisle


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