I’d Sit On Your Face

It’s a rowdy crowd, people having fun, I’m actually in really good spirits. It feels good sometimes to be a part of a night when people are having a great time. We are the ringleaders, us bartenders.

And you are the animals we must keep in line!

Two chicks at the bar, I’m serving them drinks, one of them says, you’re married, huh? I say, yes, I am.

Her friend turns to me, says, I’d still sit on your face.

Woah, thanks for the compliment. Love getting my face sat upon.

Hour later, my fellow bartender sidles up, says to me, that girl over there told me she’d like to sit on my face.

What a BITCH! I feel good about a compliment, then it gets thrown in the trash.

-Clint Curtis


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