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I’m behind the bar, setting up, doors in half. I finish, I have a moment, think I’ll check in with one of my friends. Nothing special, just, what’s up, what are you doing tonight?

A couple hours go by, I check my phone. Huh. My friend hasn’t texted back. Usually he gets back to me in a timely manner. I check my phone, go thru my texts, wait a minute. It doesn’t even look like I sent him a message. Ohhhh.

Sent the text to the wrong person. Makes sense my friend wouldn’t have texted back.

A couple years ago, I get a group email from my boss. It’s just him, and some woman I don’t know. I don’t remember exactly what the email was about, but I recall one of her responses being a bit off-putting. I have a pretty good relationship with my boss. Long story short, we talk shit. So this email, I read it, then respond to him,

Sounds like this chick wants to bang you.

I send it, thinking I’m being pretty funny. But on closer inspection, I realize that I had pushed

Reply all.

Why I haven’t been fired a long tine ago, I have no idea.

-Clint Curtis


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