The Holocaust

I’m behind the bar, it’s super busy. Everybody’s starting tabs. The only problem with people starting a lot of tabs is, it’s easy to lose track of where they are on the sheets. Think about having 74 tabs, trying to remember where the names are on the sheet. We could almost have one person just focused on doing the credit cards, putting them in alphabetical order. That would be some rock star shit.

I’m by the tabs with my fellow bartender. He’s trying to find a name to mark down some drinks, and I’m doing the same. I say, this is the worst thing, trying to find the people’s names. He says, yeah. I say, I mean, it’s not the worst. There are worst things that happen in the world. He says, matter-of-factly,

The Holocaust.

I say, yeah. Exactly. The Holocaust.

That’s worse.

-Clint Curtis


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