I Go By

Guy comes up to the bar, big guy, beard, glasses, orders a drink, starts a tab. I write his name down, mark down one beer.

About an hour later, my fellow bartender turns to me at the register, and says, what’s this guy’s name behind you? I look, it’s the guy with the beard. I say, his name is William.

I feel pretty good about remembering his name. It’s really strange why I remember some names, and can’t, for the life of me, remember other names.

The next night, I’m bartending, guy comes up to the bar. Hey. It’s the same guy. I call out, hey William! You’re back! I finish up with the person I’m helping, then go up to William. He orders a beer on tap, if I remember correctly. I pour it, bring it to him. I say, you gotta be impressed that I remembered your name from last night. I don’t know why, some people’s names I can just remember. You’re William, right?

He says, yeah. Well, actually, I go by Casey.

And then my confidence deflates.

-Clint Curtis

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