Is She Hot?

Guy comes into the bar, friend of mine, he’s newly married. I like him. He does stuff in this town. He has a persona that is pretty squeaky clean. He’s honest. He’s on the up-and-up.

He owns some properties he’s flipping. I ask him about them. He says, going great, but I have two rental properties. That was a big mistake. They’re always calling me with some problem. I have this one tenant, she calls me every day. I’m talking EVERY DAY. I ask, is it about her apartment?  No, he says. She just calls to talk. Well, I say. Are you friends with her? He says, well…she thinks we are. I ask the most important question. Is she hot?  He looks off, says, not really. I say, YOU’RE LYING DUDE. YOU LOOKED AWAY WHEN YOU SAID THAT. He says, well…

She is a stripper.

-Clint Curtis


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