Guy Wearing Ladies Jeans

It’s an early show, we run out of Coke. I text my manager, do we have any backup somewhere?  He says, there’s some cans in the back.

There’s a lull at the bar, so I have a little bit of time to go grab some Coke from the back. I start walking, I see the opener has finished their set, loading their equipment off the stage.

I walk down the hallway to the back room, I notice one of the musicians in the opening band, placing equipment along the wall. He’s bending down, he’s wearing ladies jeans, with his long sleeve shirt tucked in.

Wait…did I just say ladies jeans?

Yes, I did.

You know what I’m talking about. With the white embroidery on the pockets. They’ve got the fake, worn-out look on the front.

Doesn’t he have a friend that cares about him enough to tell him?  Dude. Those are ladies jeans. Take them off…NOW.

And then to tuck your shirt in with the ladies jeans?  Man, you’re breaking all the rules of fashion.

Maybe he’s wearing them as a dare? Maybe all his jeans were in the dirty clothes. He yells from his bedroom, MOM!!!  Can I borrow your jeans? Which ones? She yells back.

The ones with the embroidery and the rhinestones!!!

-Clint Curtis


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