Shamrock Shakes

I’m in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for a dental appointment. Cedar Rapids is about 2 1/2 hours away from Des Moines. Why do I go all the way to Cedar Rapids for a dental appointment? Well…my uncle is my dentist, I get to see him, then I go see my 94 year-old grandmother. Always love seeing her, and spending time with her.

While driving around Cedar Rapids, I go by a McDonald’s, oh hell yeah! Guess what they have? SHAMROCK SHAKES!!! I love Shamrock Shakes, who doesn’t? They’re delicious, and hit the spot once a year.

I decide it’s not the right time for my yearly Shamrock Shake. Probably not a good idea for right before you have a dental appointment, know what I’m saying? I decide to wait until the evening when I’m back in Des Moines.

I think about that Shamrock Shake all the way to Des Moines. Where I’m going to drink it. Where I’m going to buy it. Will I be able to get it, and wait until I get home? Or just say, hell with it. Drink it right there in the parking lot.

I get to the McDonald’s around 10:30pm. Just got back into town. I get to the drive-thru. Can I get a Shamrock Shake, please? She says, through the intercom, sorry. Our machine is broken. We can’t do Shamrock Shakes. WHAT THE HELL?!?! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR A SHAMROCK SHAKE FOR A YEAR NOW!!! THIS IS BULLSHIT!

I take off, not waiting for a response.

I call a buddy of mine, who knows everything about everything. Do you know where there’s a McDonald’s open right now? He says, on Fleur. I think for a second, then say, hell yeah!! I’m driving there.

I get there, 20 minutes later, their machine is working!!! I get my yearly Shamrock Shake, scarf it down.

The next day, I’m talking to my wife. I tell her my Shamrock story. She says, I can make Shamrock Shakes. I say, what the hell? Really? She says, yeah. I’ve got the recipe.

Well I’ll be a son-of-a-gun.

She makes it the next day, and it’s delicious! Just as good as one at McDonald’s. And it’s pretty simple. I’ll leave you with my wife’s recipe, so you can enjoy Shamrock Shakes year round:

-Clint Curtis


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