You Can’t Talk Shit

There was only one real story that came out of tonight, and it is one I cannot tell.

Don’t you hate when people say that? Oh there’s this story, but I can’t tell you it. You just want to spit in these people’s drinks, don’t you?  Well…WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MENTION IT IF YOU’RE NOT GOING TO TELL IT?

Do you know that I’ve published over 440 stories? I have also written around 500 more. So a thousand total. And I’ve NEVER talked shit about a fellow employee. EVER. Read back, you’ll see. I never condemn, I never judge, I never diss a fellow employee. It is unwritten, yet it is known, and it’s an understanding I have with my fellow bartenders. Don’t worry. It won’t end up on the blog.

But think about, if you will, how many times you’ve gone home to your spouse, and just tore your fellow employees a new asshole. IT CAN BE GREAT MATERIAL. But it’s material, I can’t touch.

And c’mon. There’s no way. There’s absolutely no way. I know you may think I’ll talk about anything, but there’s rules, and there’s parameters. And one of the biggest is…

You can’t talk shit about your fellow employees in print.

-Clint Curtis


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