Stolen Clothes In Movies

I’m at my buddies house last night, watching Taken 2, and there’s a scene in the movie that really pisses me off. I’ve seen it in other movies, and it always irks me.

Here’s the scene: The daughter of Liam Neeson is running from the bad guys. Unfortunately, she’s in a bikini, because she can’t go back to her room to change. The bad guys are apparently there. She takes off, goes down in the basement of the hotel, finds some lockers, checks the first, empty, then next to it, there’s a locker with a lock on it, but the lock isn’t closed. It’s just dangling there. Who takes the trouble to put a lock on their locker, but then doesn’t lock it? Anyway, that’s not what irks me.

She opens the second locker, there’s clothes in there, she hurriedly puts them on, and right off the bat, I notice the clothes, 1. Fit perfectly. 2. Work with the character. 3. Stylish. WHAT ARE THE ODDS that she would open a locker, and practically her same wardrobe would be in there? AND I’VE SEEN THIS IN MOVIES BEFORE!!!! Just pisses me off.

What the costume designer should of done, make the shirt and jacket one size too big. Not a huge difference, but noticeable. Then maybe have the character quickly roll her sleeves up a little bit. I know that the audience would instantly accept this, and be able to move on with the story, instead of shaking their heads, and say, no way.

We get done with the movie, I wouldn’t say it was bad per se. You have to have MAJOR SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF. He’s in Istanbul, kills all these people, even a police officer, goes to the US Embassy with his daughter, and then cut to the next scene, he’s back on the streets, looking for his kidnapped ex-wife.

I say my good-byes to my friend, get in my car, drive down Fleur, MLK, Interstate 235, 42nd street, and I SWEAR TO GOD TO ALL THAT’S HOLY.

Make. Every. Light.

-Clint Curtis


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