While I Have Your Attention

It’s busy, busy, busy, people one side of the bar, to the other, wanting drinks. I love it. Business is good.

There’s a minuscule lull, I’m nearly out of limes. I rush to get the cutting board, the knife, run to the mini fridge, grab the fruit, start cutting. After about forty seconds, a black guy approaches me on my left, says, can I get a New Castle, when you get the chance? I say, sure, sure. Gimme a second. He kindly says, take your time.

I finish up cutting the lime I’m on, then get his beer. I set it down, say, $4, please. He says,

While I have your attention, may I also have a gin and tonic?

You know, I LOVED the way he said that. While I have your attention. There was something about it that just struck me. Someone can say the most seemingly small things, that define character. I’m telling you right now. Someone who chooses to say, while I have your attention, is a smart person. It’s thoughtful, it’s concise, and it’s respectful. It’s a great phrase.

Next time you’re at the bar, you order a beer, the bartender gets it for you, then you realize you need another drink. Don’t say, and can I get….

Say, while I have your attention.  

I guarantee, your bartender will be impressed.

-Clint Curtis


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