Be Nice

Someone in my life recently told me that I need to be nicer on the job. He’s probably right. You read any of my stories, you’ll note that I’m not always nice. And what’s up with that? Why shouldn’t I be nice ALL THE TIME? What excuse do I have?

Off topic, in the women’s room, someone wrote on the wall by the sinks, EVERY ONE HAS AN ASSHOLE. Yes, everyone two words. I guess you can take that a couple ways. Ok, everyone has one, there’s that. And maybe, everyone has an asshole in their life.

Maybe I can be that for you?

Smiley face.

Anyway, BE NICE. There are a few times I’m not nice. I’d say I’m nice 87.66663% of the time. And there’s times when my patience snaps in two, and I’m NOT NICE.

Let’s say it’s a kiddy show, bunch of kids. After the 403rd water I pour, I’m not nice.

Let’s say you’ve got a customer that’s yelling at you, waving money at you, whistling at you, snapping their fingers. When that happens, I’M NOT NICE.

Let’s say you’ve got a customer that asks you a really, really, really, really, really, really dumb question, like, do you have a bathroom? Nope, I’m not very nice.

How about when it’s 1:55AM, and someone tries to order a drink, and won’t take no for an answer. Then I’m NOT NICE.

Let’s say you’ve got a drunk customer that starts harassing other customers, making them want to leave. Nope. NOT NICE.

You know what I did this weekend? I got out a Sharpie and a little piece of paper, wrote BE NICE on it, and taped it on the register. Every time I go to that register, to make a transaction, I’m confronted with the words BE NICE. And I think it worked. It helped me focus on that one thing. And really, if you can accomplish that one thing as a bartender, being nice,

Everything should fall into place.

Then…I will not be your asshole anymore.

-Clint Curtis


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