It’s Saturday night, late show, pretty busy. I’m chatting with a couple musicians. I say, have you guys played yet? I can’t keep track. He says, no. We’re on last. I say, great. What’s your band name? He says, Twinsmith. I say, you any good?

He says, in all honesty, we’re terrible.

I say, good. I look forward to hearing that!

(They actually turned out really good).

In other news, I’m taking a few days off! I need it. It’s like, I work my ass off bartending five nights a week, then I go home, write stories about bartending, go to sleep, dream about bartending.

No shit. I had a weird dream about being behind the bar last week. I look up at all the bottles, and the liquor has turned into milk.

I’m sure there’s meaning in there, but who cares.

See you back on Thursday.

-Clint Curtis


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