Those Who Carry Umbrellas

My wife tells me, right before I go to work, be careful, hun. It’s supposed to rain tonight. Maybe hail.

You know, a little something about myself. I’m not afraid of rain. I’m not afraid of getting a little wet. There’s always a towel down the road somewhere.

I’m working, around 11pm, things are dying down. Guy comes up to the bar, holding an umbrella, like it’s a cane. I say, is it raining? He says, no. Not yet.

You know what? I’ve never been THAT GUY. The guy that watches some weather report, says, oh, looks like it’s going to rain, I better bring my umbrella. I don’t even OWN an umbrella. I couldn’t even fathom going into a Younkers, saying, where can I find the umbrella department?

No, that’s not going to happen.

Maybe there’s two types of people in the world. Those who carry around an umbrella before it’s going to rain,

And those who don’t give a shit.

-Clint Curtis


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