What’s Your Passion?

I’m behind the bar, it’s busy, we’ve got two different breweries in for a tap take-over. One from Des Moines. One from Cedar Rapids. We’ve done these before. They’re usually pretty successful. You can come in, try a new beer you’ve never had before, support a local brewery, all for three bucks. Always a good deal.

But all of this has nothing to do with my story.

Just setting up the scene.

I’m chatting up some of my regulars, we get on the subject of things we’re passionate about. One of them tells me, I love working on friend’s cars for free. The other says his passion is for biking, exercise.

You MUST have a passion in your life. This is ESSENTIAL for your well-being. Our passions help us get through hard times. Helps us stay focused. Our passions give us HOPE. They bring us happiness. We receive a sense of accomplishments from our passions. Without passion, we are nothing. There’s no reason to live if you don’t have a passion for something.

And it can be a little thing, like collecting comic books. I’m passionate about a lot of things. I love music, and acting, and writing, and movies, and my family, and of course, racquetball.

If you’re reading this now, and you’re thinking, what’s my passion?  It’s time you find it.

It’s something that helps you wake up in the morning, and something you think about when you’re going to bed.

But, ah…then there’s OBSESSION.

And you have to be careful with that.

-Clint Curtis


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